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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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thank you for joining us for the news at noon. i'm mike hydeck. seven marines and four crew members are missing and now presumed dead after a helicopter crash off the florida panhandle. now fog is hampering the search and recovery effort. craig boswell has more. 11 service members on board
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of a uh-60 blackhawk similar to this one were on a nighttime training mission when their helicopter went down in waters near eglin air force base. search and rescue crews have found aircraft debris and some human remains on a beach between pensacola and destin, florida. the crash happened during a routine training mission with a second helicopter that returned safely. weather may have been a factor. the national weather service had issue add dense fog advisory. >> a reminder to us that those who serve put themselves at risk both in training and in combat. >> reporter: search and rescue teams are being organized out after mobile command post in florida and officials say heavy fog is hampering their efforts. the marines were based at camp lejeune in north carolina. the four soldiers from an army national guard unit in hammond, louisiana. >> our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families as the search and rescue
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continues. >> reporter: the pentagon is holding the names of the victims in order to notify family members. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> now officials say they're focusing their search on the santa rosa sound, a narrow waterway separating santa rosa island from florida's mainland. the associated press has filed a suit against the state department. the news organization wants to access the e-mails and government documents from hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state. the targeted materials include e-mails about the osama bin laden raid, the national security agency surveillance practices, the ap says repeated requests under the u.s. freedom of information act have gone unfulfilled. police are now accusing a laurel man with causing that big tanker truck accident yesterday . /-95. 23-year-old christopher rhodes is charged with reckless driving and making an unsafe lane change among other things. about 700 gallons bief crow diesel fuel -- biodiesel fuel spilled when the tanker
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overturned. most was contained to the roadway and did not get into the storm drains. the accident closed the southbound lanes of 95 in laurel for several hours. and another issue on the roads now. more and more potholes. maintenance crews with the national park service were on the george washington parkway this morning. an emergency pothole repairs were being made between route 123 and spout run. the work required those rolling single lane closures and they led to some big delays. the crews were hoping to have the work done overnight but the repairs ended up continuing through the morning rush hour. if you have a mini crater you would like our pothole patrol to get fixed, just go to give us the location and please include the city, the cross street, and possibly the block number if there is one. should schools start before or after labor day in maryland? state koch patroller peter franchot and member -- comptroller peter franchot and members of the legislature are testifying today. the state after labor day would
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be an extra $74 million. educators oppose it saying they need time to train new teachers and get ready for testing. only five states begin school after labor day. after a seven -- after seven snow days this year, montgomery county is looking for snow day waivers from the state. the interim superintendent is going to ask state officials for up to three days and a school spokesperson says if the wairveggers are -- waivers are not given, the school will likely in session through june 17 this year. the costco gas station at the westfield wheaton mall will not be opening. initial plans for the high volume pumps were announced in 2010 and residents in the kentington heights neighborhood fought those plans immediately. they said the pumps would be too close to their homes, a community swimming pool and a school for special needs children. >> it's a good day. we're definitely going to celebrate. >> all along our focus was that this was an inappropriate location.
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nobody is against the gas station. it's the location that we were fighting against because as you heard today, it endangers the health of residents, people using the pool, children who are medically disadvantaged to attend a school nearby. so i am -- i'm thrid. -- >> thrilled. >> the board members agreed there was no need for a megagas station there because there are 25 other places to fill up within seven miles. a viewing is planned for today to remember prince george's county police officer killed in a crash over the weekend. it's scheduled from 3:00 to 7:00 at borghordt funeral home in beltsville. he died saturday while trying to make a traffic stop. funeral services are set for tomorrow. glen ivey has his eye on congress now. the former prince george's county state's attorney is expected to make it official today. we hear he's going to make the announcement in hyattsville that he'll run for a congressional seat being vacated by congresswoman donna edwards. edwards plans to run for barbra mikulski's u.s. senate seat.
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ivey challenged edwards for her seat in 2012 but ended up dropping out of the race because of a lack of funding. more fallout in ferguson, missouri. the city council voted unanimously to remove city manager john shaw. this comes after a scathing report from the department of justice accusing the police department and the court system of racial bias. the report said shaw encouraged police to aggressively ticket motor is to generate revenue. streets in ferguson have been filled with protesters dozens of times since a white police officer fatally shot an unarmed black teenager this summer. he says he's deeply sorry and made a horrible mistake. a former university of oklahoma student parker rice is referring to that racist chant that was caught on video. he is one of two sygma alpha epsilon frat members expelled for that video. rice's public polyis not enough for some. a neighbor put a sign on his -- apology is not enough for some. a neighbor put a sign on his property that says racism is
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taught. >> i have three daughter. he's chanting about hanging my three daughters so he will see him. i will be out here. >> they had till tuesday to clear out of the frat house. the school says it's still working to identify and discipline other students who were seen in the video. he was a individual individual state legislator by day and a jail inmate by night. delegate joe morrissey has completed his three-month work release sentence. he was charged with multiple felonies for allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old receptionist in his law office. morrissey is still awaiting trial on four felony counts in another case that's related to the incident. florida democrat graham has introduced a bill that would prevent members of congress from taking first class flights on a taxpayer dime. the measure would alsole prohibit lawmakers from having long-term personal car leases as well. there is only one cosigner for the bill. similar efforts like this have
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failed before. for the first time in a long time, we're not under a weather alert. we're actually supposed to pass the 60-degree mark. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein is here now. is the drizzle gone for the day, howard? >> in many areas it is from d.c. north and northwest, yes. we still have the stream of moisture coming in affecting our southern suburbs. we'll slowly over the next few hours slide south and east. you can see fairfax is now done. leesburg, loudoun county, montgomery. this is all moving toward the east and slowly toward the south. here in southern maryland, fredricksburg, yeah, it could be much of the afternoon that hese on and off showers. but here we are alexandria finally done with the rain. same in dale city. yeah, mechanicsville, you can be in and out of showers. leonardtown, you may stay wet much of the afternoon along with the northern neck. fog was a problem early. still a few spots with visibilities like quantico and annapolis down in the bay, visibilities are a quarter mile. just clouds that are hanging tough. that's actually going -- i lowered the forecast high from 55 to 52.
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50 in hagerstown. there's some of the warmer air in tappahannock at 60 degrees with rain right now. so for the afternoon, cloudy skies will slowly, slowly clear late. 60 by 3:00. 61 at 6:00 with a high around 62. then we'll be clearing out tonight. so 50s this evening if you're going out, not bad. a chilly night tonight. good news for thursday but as we head into friday, not so good news. more on that with your seven- day in a few minutes. 12:09. still ahead on wusa9, japan mark add very sad and devastating chapter in its history. we'll have details coming up. >> plus, battling isis. iraqi forces report they are now making major gains in their fight against extremists. those stories and [ r&b slow jam playing ] ♪ yeah, girl ♪ ♪ you know, i've been thinking about us ♪
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japan marked the anniversary today of a devastating earthquake and tsunami four years ago. a salem ceremony was held -- solemn ceremony was held to remember the lives lost. in addition to the 19,000 people who were killed, the
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fukushima nuclear power plant was also very badly damaged. all 48 nuclear reactors have ceased operations but the government is still working to restart nuclear power plants despite the concerns over their safety. iraqi government forces and militias are reporting some major gains now in the fight against isis extreme is in saddam hussein's hometown of tikrit. we have more now from baghdad. >> reporter: iraqi forces paraded triumphantly and claimed they've now encircled tikrit. the general of iraq's interior ministry said victory is just days away. >> are ie sit fighters in tikrit willing to fight to the death? >> some of them try to escape or run away. and we notice them and we control many of them. >> reporter: but the truth is, isis is fighting back with web upons, including mines and
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suicide bombs. in the battle for tikrit, the iraqi government denies troops from neighboring iran are fighting alongsidity soldiers and says iranian officers are serving only as vitzors. -- vitzors. why -- advisors. why does iraq need help from iran? >> there is -- if there is a disaster in iraq, of course it will affect iran. >> reporter: if they do overtake isis, some fear more bloodshed sparked by iraq's deadly religious intentions. >> u.s. military officials say about 25,000 iraqi troops will try to retake iraq's second largest city of mosul this spring, but caution the offensive will be delayed if iraq's army is not ready for that fight. still ahead on the news at noon, people living on cape cod say they have never seen anything like this. the beautiful side of the snow and ice next.
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>> spring knocking on the doorstep. if you're sniffling, here's why. first time i'm showing you this year. moderate on the tree pollen and moderate on the mold. as far as our forecast, we've got ups and downs in the seven- day. i'll tell but your weekend coming up
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in one year 5.6 million hospital workers helped perform 26.6 million surgeries deliver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which could increase wait times
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reduce staff, and threaten your community's health. keep the heart of america's hospitals strong. for you and your family tell congress: don't cut hospital care. as exhausting this winter has been for many of us on the east coast, there is a beautiful side to all of this snow and ice. bill shields is able to capture some of nature's wonder off the coast of cape cod. >> it is a cold, bleak landscape, black and white, with different shades of gray. but then the tide moves and the ice flows with it and it all becomes a dynamic winter scape.
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>> it's incredible. >> reporter: some of the ice is 3 feet thick. last weekend it dwarfed people. it produced a winter scene such as this. >> i've never seen anything like this before. it's a pretty awesome experience. i'm glad i've been able to get her down here so she can check it out. >> reporter: this winter has been a lot of work but if you come here, it's very peaceful. you can hear the ice moving. you can hear the sea birds on the ice flow. it's a little bit different. this winter has been cold seared into our collective psyche. but this, this nature-made ice sculpture is something to savor. >> when you come here in the summer, you can never quite imagine that this is possible. >> reporter: but the ice can also bring problems. every time the tide comes n the ice jams up wellfleet harbor. the shellfishermen can't harvest the clams and oysters and the ice flows are wrecking
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havoc on docks. >> the ice will freeze around the pilings. when the tide comes in, it will pull them right out like a tooth i guess. but when you get the flows and the wind from the south, it jams all the ice that's been out in the harbor right inside here and jams everything up and causes a lot of damage. >> they're used to a lot of damage. it is beautiful. >> i bet a lot of folks up in new england, if they don't see that for another 20, 40 years, they'll be okay. >> around here we'll hit 60? >> winchester 59. we're knocking on the doorstep. we'll hit 60. 65 may be a little more difficult. i was thinking that this morning. looks like the sun may be just a couple of hours slow to come in but we're optimists. we'll at least hit 60. let's show you the day planner. low 60s here in d.c. with a little bit of sun by the end of the day. so perhaps we'll get that
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sunset which is 7:11 now. even later. there's the moisture. we talked about this at the top of the broadcast. it's not as intense as it was a couple of days ago but still the showers are flowing across alabama, moving in toward atlanta toward knox vi, right up i--- knoxville, right up i- 81 in our woods. if you're north of d.c., you're done with the rain. i know you're waiting for the clouds to thin a little more. culpeper probably done but south still some showers which come across charles county into prince george's county, up toward southern anne arundel now. so we're seeing this slowly move off to the south and east. it's going to be several more hours. our friends in several maryland down into the northern neck, colonial beach, dahlgren before you start to dry out. reedville is wet as well. temps -- i stand corrected. 61 in winchester. we made 60 there. it's 57 in the district. look at the difference right on the bay. annapolis only 42. outside still generally cloudy on our michael & son weather camera. 57.
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this time of year after the cold we've had, 57 with no winds. very comfortable outside. it will be even more comfortable once we get the sunshine. so we have a storm system bringing some rain into the west coast and drought conditions. they'll take every drop they can get. the gulf of mexico which gave us the rainstorm we just had, starting with storm number two, low pressure taking shape in the western gulf. this will be here later friday, friday night into saturday. so first things first. we've got to get this guy to slide away from us. does look like that will happen as we go throughout the afternoon. some of the high clouds all the way back to pittsburgh. when i was on the weather terrace a moment ago, just a little sun through the overcast. futurecast, we'll take the showers through mid afternoon and at 2:00, still raining in st. mary's county, much of the northern neck over toward areas fredricksburg south, especially richmond. if you're traveling south this afternoon, expect wet weather to continue there, even at 4:00 p.m. southern st. mary's county just south of fredricksburg looks like some showers. by dinner time, most of us are drying out and north and west,
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here comes the clearing. that will be here tonight. tonight chilly, 30s, maybe 40 in town. tomorrow looks good. we'll be in the 50s tomorrow. comfortable day. might even flirt with 60 with a little bit of luck. so very nice day on thursday. friday starts out sunny but look what's coming. that other system in the gulf. clouds will thicken up by midday and mid- to late afternoon, here comes some rain. we have a yellow alert up for friday. the commute home on friday could be impacted and slowed down by this. if you have any friday night, saturday plans, count on rain but sunday looks better. so no alerts here. we've got 62. a few showers south for a few more showers. a little sun late. 40 tonight. the 30s north and west. tomorrow 57. seasonably mild. slight chance we get to 60 but even 57 with sun is going to feel good. friday here come the clouds, low 50s with the showers in the afternoon and rain likely friday night into saturday. milder, 62. sunday and monday look good, 50s and 60s. another chance of a shower by tuesday. a little cooler in the low 50s. we're going to be back with
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more wusa9 news at noon
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a best buddies event coming up tuesday. our guests here at noon will explain how and why you want to be a part of this. it's going to be some phenomenal food and benefit best buddies which is a terrific organization. with us is the chef from sauce society along with sue and george. you have been partners for three years now at this event. tell us what the best buddies
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event is all about. >> best buddies is an organization focused on creating one to one friendships, competitive and integrated employment and leadership opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. life is sweet is in its tenth year and the tenth year we're getting better. we'll actually have 15 chefs with intellectual developmental disabilities. it will be savory and sweet chefs capped off with a silent auction and live auction that will include amazing trips to las vegas and argentina. >> chef george, what's in this here? >> it has local rock fish, scallops, crab, shrimp, and some -- it's plated on purple potato and it's traditional peruvian style. >> it looks beautiful. >> thank you. >> is this a challenge? you like doing this? you've done it three years now? >> i love chef george. >> why do you love chef george so much? >> because i get to get out of
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school. [ laughter ] >> that's good. chris, tell us -- tell people how they can be a part of this if they'd like to. >> absolutely. the event is taking place 6:30 p.m. on tuesday, march 24 at the csc headquarters. you can actually register right now on we'd love to have you. we want you to bid on those items and we want you to taste these amazing treats like holly is making right now. >> where is that? >> that's in falls church, virginia, 3170 fairview park drive. >> what are some of the other dishes you've worked on? >> some of the different things we've done, holly loves sugar cookies so we always try and incorporate because life is sweet, some sugar cookies in there with it. we've done crab salads and different things like that. >> best buddies is a great cause. make sure you check it out on that's it for the news at noon. we're back on tv at 5:00 and
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always 24/7 on take care, everybody. >> so long. >> great job, holly.
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>> devon: all right. here we go. >> neil: [ slurring ] hey. hey! i didn't need any help! >> devon: okay. >> neil: i didn't need a ride! oh. >> devon: i wasn't gonna let you drive in your condition. >> neil: yeah, well, you didn't take me to where i needed to go. you know, i needed -- i needed to go to the police station. >> devon: no, no. all right, i know you're upset about what happened. >> neil: oh, yeah. i -- i am. i'm angry and i'm upset. you would be upset, too, if you did what i did. >> devon: just sit down and i'll make you a cup of coffee, all right? >> neil: no! >> devon: hey, hey, hey. >> neil: i don't want any coffee, and i'm not gonna sit down. you hear me? i -- i need to go to the police station. >> devon: you need to sober up before you do anything. >> neil: i got to make a confession. >> hilary: a confession to what?


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